Welcome to the Sailor Arts Society!

Hello! Welcome to the Sailor Arts Society blog. On this blog, we hope to share our enthusiasm for the sailor arts and provide a free platform for education. About every week, we will have a new post about some aspect of sailor art. In the coming weeks, we will post about different categories of the sailor arts and a lot about knot tying– a hallmark of the sailor arts. In our knot tying posts, we are going to discuss the parts of a knot and different categories of knots and more. Beyond knot tying, we will delve into different aspects of sailor arts and the nautical tradition.

For now, here is some info you can also find on our About Us page, so you can get to know us a little more.

About the Sailor Arts Society

We are enthusiasts of the sailor arts and have a shop. In our shop, we offer handmade items crafted in the tradition of historical sailors. Each item is either something sailors would have made in the past or is based on an item they made. Further, we make everything by hand using the same techniques that historical sailors used. Our products are authentic, all-natural, and handmade by us in the U.S.A.

We learned our craft as modern day tall ship sailors aboard historical reproduction sailing ships. Enamored with the beauty we found aboard ships and in the many maritime museums we visited on our days in port, we pored over books and scrutinized over knots to learn more. Eventually, we wanted an outlet for the crafts we were learning even when we weren’t aboard ships. Thus, the Sailor Arts Society was born.

We focus on the two most prevalent sailor arts, which are rope work and canvas work. But we are always seeking to expand our knowledge. Indeed, one of the purposes of our shop is to be able to support this pursuit while being able to share the art with others. But we don’t just want to sell items, we want to do even more to promote the sailor arts and share them with others.  Thus, this blog is the educational arm of the Sailor Arts Society. We hope you will join us here again to learn more about the sailor arts!

The Sailor Arts Society - Rope Mats


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