Welcome to the Sailor Arts Society!

We offer handmade items crafted in the tradition of historical sailors. Each item is either something sailors would have made in the past or is based on an item they made. Further, we make everything by hand using the same techniques that historical sailors used.  Browse our shops or learn with us on our blog and become a part of the tradition!

Authentic. All-Natural. Handmade in the U.S.A.

We learned our craft as modern day tall ship sailors aboard historical reproduction sailing ships. Enamored with the beauty we found aboard ships and in the many maritime museums we visited on our days in port, we pored over books and scrutinized over knots to learn more. Eventually, we wanted an  outlet for the crafts we were learning even when we weren’t aboard ships. Thus, the Sailor Arts Society was born.

We focus on the two most prevalent sailor arts, which are rope work and canvas work. But we are always seeking to expand our knowledge. Indeed, one of the purposes of our shop is to be able to support this pursuit while being able to share the art with others. Plus, you can justify making more and more rope mats if you have somewhere to send them 🙂 So thank you for your support of our shop!