The Sailor Arts Society - Nautical Star

Welcome to the Sailor Arts Society!

We offer handmade items crafted in the tradition of historical sailors. Each item is either something sailors would have made in the past or is based on an item they made. We make everything by hand using the same techniques that historical sailors used.  Browse our shops or learn with us on our blog and become a part of the tradition!

Authentic. All-Natural. Handmade in the U.S.A.

The Sailor Arts Society - Nautical Star


Our knotwork section is our most varied category. It includes Monkey Fist keychains and curtain ties, as well as Turk's head bracelets and coasters. We also have traditional sailor swabs!


Our canvas work catalog is growing. We have ditty bags, which sailors would have made and then used to store their tools or small personal belonging, as well as whaler pouches that sailors would hang in their sea chests to store small items.

Rope Mats

We have a wide variety of rope mats. With all the used rope around a ship back in the days of large sailing vessels, sailors made mats to take home and place on their door steps. They also made mats to serve in the important role of chafe gear aboard ships: these mats were placed around the ship where blocks or lines might cause excessive wear. In both situations the rope mats added a decorative touch in their functional use.

Custom Orders

We would love to hear about a custom order idea you have. If there is a picture of an item that you would like us to recreate, an idea you thought of yourself, or an item we already have which you would like us to customize, please feel free to fill out our custom order form. Our custom products include sea chest beckets, bell ropes, and even custom rope coverings. We can also do canvas projects.

A Little About Us...

We learned our craft as modern day tall ship sailors aboard historical reproduction sailing ships. Enamored with the beauty we found aboard ships and in the many maritime museums we visited on our days in port, we pored over books and scrutinized over knots to learn more. Eventually, we wanted an  outlet for the crafts we were learning even when we weren’t aboard ships. Thus, the Sailor Arts Society was born.


We created the Sailor Arts Society with the intent of spreading knowledge and appreciation of the arts of traditional maritime fancy and practical work. Historical sailors are largely unsung artists and in our increasingly high tech world it seems that their skills are forgotten more and more. We aim to preserve their skills and celebrate their artistry by practicing their craft ourselves and promoting their work through our products and educational materials. To this end, we provide our historically influenced and traditionally crafted products to all who are interested in preserving the arts of the craft and hop you join us to learn with us on our blog.